Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Several years ago we purchased a paper shredder.  We wanted to get rid of private papers without throwing them in the garbage where dumpster diving might occur.

After we shredded the paper...what to do with it?  At about the same time a friend of mine told me about putting shredded paper in flower beds.  She said you can put the pieces of paper where you don't want weeds to grow and then you can cover up the shredded paper with soil.

We did that.  We have a rose garden with paper under the soil.  Same for our oval garden.  By now it has decayed along with the saw dust.  I have dug in the rose garden to take out the invasive clover, and all I can find is crumbly soil.  After all paper is organic so that it should enrich the soil, and that will make our plants thrive.

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