Monday, April 2, 2012


When I was eight years old I saw my first library. It was on the second floor of my school, and the sight of all those books covering three walls and going from floor to ceiling mesmerized me. To myself I said, "One day I, too, shall own a library."
And to that end I have worked for many years finally filling my den with books.

Enters the e-book industry. No matter. I still buy books, read books, discuss books, and recommend books. Sometimes I give books. And I buy them cheaply. I buy them at estate sales, garage sales, antique stores, etc. I also use Abe Books and I also go to bookstores, especially Half-Price books.

People who sell at estate sales and garage sales often do not know the value of books. For example, recently (for fifty cents) I bought a new copy of Roget's Thesaurus, a priceless resource book. Also, I have bought past bestsellers and recent bestsellers. Not too long ago I bought many children's books and gave them away to a school so they could give them away to children who don't owe books.

So, if you love books, buy them and don't pay too much for them. Good hunting!