Monday, July 15, 2013



Denim, recognized as a most durable fabric, originated in France but came to be used by men working the mines in California.  In time denim became a fashion statement.  It is still one of the most popular fabrics used to dress people of all ages.  And it almost never wears out.
And that is where a resourceful person comes in.  If you cut up an old pair of jeans, you will still find really good pieces from which you can make useful items, i.e., cushions, aprons, hot pads, quilts, etc.
I cut out all the heavy seams because most of our sewing machines were not made to sew over those heavy layers.  The factories making denim clothes, especially blue jeans, have heavy duty machines which are used for sewing those heavy fabrics.  Even so, I buy denim needles for sewing denim.  They are very strong and effective.

When I join two denim seams I just overlap them and cover the seam with a colorful trim.  No bulk.  No mess.  There are various web sites which will show you the many items you can make with denim.

Don’t throw away your old blue jeans.  Upcycle them with something you or someone else can enjoy.  Good sewing!