Monday, February 21, 2011

Ways to Save Money

My title,"Be Free! Save Your Money!", refers to the concept that if you are not in debt, you will experience freedom. My intent is to get you to see how if you are creative in your everyday experiences, you will not spend much money and you will feel free.

Some of the best ways to save money are by doing the following:
(I’ll elaborate in other columns.)

• Utilize what you have.
• Find out what is free out there and use those items.
• Work with what is in your home.
• Share ideas with others who have the same desire to save money.
• Sell what you don’t use/need.
• Listen to others’ conversations, especially older folks. They knew how to same money.
• Live on less than you bring in.
• Think before you buy. Do you really need that?
• Prepare for the future-might you make less?
• Think in terms of having money for your needs in an emergency.
• Teach your children to take care of their money.
• Teach your children to save.
• Sit with your family and talk about goals and needs.

More later.