Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dog Collar

An approach for a person seeking ways to save money is this:  Think about what it is you want or need.  What is it?  Can you substitute something in its stead?  Can you find it for less?  Or can you just do it yourself?  Brainstorm by yourself or with someone else.  Often there is a solution that will not cost money.  Try it.

My son’s dog needed a collar so he could carry  his IDs and license on the collar.  He told me what he needed.  I went to a place where I keep all my belts, most of them leather.  I found one that no longer fit me-no comments, please-and took it outside.  I tried it on the dog’s neck to get a good fit.  With a hammer and a large nail I several made holes in the belt and then trimmed it.  My, but that white and black spotted dog looks good with that red collar!  Another savings for this family.