Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I read an inspirational book by Herb Cohen, You Can Negotiate Anything.
In the book Cohen says that we negotiate daily: babies cry to get what they want; some women nag to get what they desire, etc.

He spoke of negotiations between countries, also.  I found the book to be fascinating, informative, and certainly of use to anyone and everyone.

Therefore, we-I-you-  can do the same thing.  We may use more sophisticated means, but we can get what we want.  After I finished the book I decided to try my skills.  I went to a store, not a high end department store, but a good store nonetheless.  This was in March-and I saw two winter jackets, which would fit my boys.  I told the clerk to allow me to speak to her supervisor.

I said something like this to the supervisor: "Winter is over and you are not likely to sell these coats for the $15 you are asking.  (This was 30 years ago.)  Why don't I buy them from you for $10 each?"

The supervisor said, "Great!"  And I walked off having saved $10, and my boys had new coats.  You can do the same thing.  First of all, read the book because it is important you understand several approaches and positions you must take, and, above all, you need to know the other person's position.

A very important component of Negotiating is realizing that each party must get something out of the negotiating.  Both parties must end up happy, not cheated.  If you cheat someone that person will never deal with you again, so what have you gained?