Wednesday, May 2, 2012

For Gardening Folks

I have a very good hint for plant lovers and gardeners. If you wish to increase the number of flowering plants in your flower beds, do not despair. Ask your friends about flowering plants and you'll be surprised at how many have plants they are willing to trade with you. A friend gave me an esperanza plant, and we are giving her lariope plants. There...that is the way it works. The same goes for vegetable plants. If you plant using seeds you will more than likely have many small plants to trade with a friend or friends. In this manner you can have a vegetable and or flower gardens that will be outstanding. If you take your grapes as I do and make jelly, presto, you have a Christmas gift for someone who loves homemade jelly. My son makes homemade bread, and he gives some away to friends who have done favors for him. I, too, love his bread. There are so many ways to honor friends and relatives with gifts from your own home. And all you have to do is find the hobby you like. The product may well be your next gift.