Wednesday, December 11, 2013



I needed some pots and pans to distribute to two of my children who were going to live in apartments.  I went into a store and found a shelf with clearance items.  Lo and behold there was a box which held a large set of pots and pans originally for $120 on sale for $30.  It turns out only a lid was missing.  I bought the set, and then I went to a hardware store and bought a lid.  Those two children, now grown, are still using the pots and pans.

Then I found out that other stores have similar shelves or corners where they place items at a clearance price.  Sometimes it is a rack they keep in a certain place.   One store with such a rack had two pajama bottoms reduced by 50%.  I took a coupon they had sent me that offered 40% off.  After using the coupon the pajama bottoms were $6 each.  Great gifts for two of my granddaughters.

A bookstore I frequent has Clearance Shelves.  That, too, is a great source for books which might interest a person.  I’ve bought former bestsellers and hobby books there for $1 each.

Once I went to a restaurant supply store looking for thick coffee cups which interested my husband.  The sales clerk told me the store was not open to regular customers; however, it did have a table in the back where they sold odds and ends.  I found coffee cups for $.25 each, cups which thrilled my husband.

Those are examples of bargains I took advantage of.  The main thing is to identify the places-corners, shelves, racks-where certain stores place their bargains.  Then check them out from time to time.   Good hunting!

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