Monday, February 25, 2013

About seventy or eighty years ago when my mother did a favor for a neighbor she was usually rewarded with a doily or some sort of handwork.  She died and left many doilies, a tribute to her kindnesses.  And now the question: what to do with so many doilies.

Since I consider myself a thrifty and resourceful person I pondered over this question and came up with various ideas.  The most gorgeous pieces you can frame and give to grandchildren.  Others you can use as appliques on cushions you make, or if they are round, they can be one side of the cushion .  I took some rectangular crocheted pieces and made bathroom linens by sewing up a rectangular piece of white fabric and then placing the crocheted piece on one end.  Pretty.

Other crocheted pieces I placed under objects which might scratch coffee tables.  When I made a vest I used some of mother’s crocheted pieces.  Also, I took a denim jacket and embellished it with appliques and small crocheted pieces.  The contrast is interesting and striking.

Not only did I enjoy Mother’s work, I now buy crocheted pieces wherever I see them and then use them creatively.  Long live handwork made by dedicated folks!

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